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Esercizio inglese di reading and comprehension. E' un compito piuttosto facile, adatto a ragazzi di prima media. Dopo aver risposto controlla le soluzioni cliccando su show/hide.

Dick lived in England. In January he said to his wife, "I'm going to fly to New York next week, because I've got some work to do there." "Where are you going to stay?" his wife asked. "I don't know yet," Dick answered. "Please send me your address from there in a telegram," his wife said. "All right," he said.
He flew to New York on January 31st and found a nice hotel in the centre of the city. He put his things in his room and then he sent his wife a telegram. 
He put the address of his hotel in it. 
In the evening he did not have any work, so he went to a cinema. He came out at nine o'clock and said, "Now I'm going to go back to my hotel and have a nice dinner." He found a taxi, and the driver said, "Where do you want to go?" But Dick did not remember the name and address of his hotel, so Dick got out and went into a telegraph office. There he sent another telegram, and in it he wrote, "Please send me my address at this telegraph office.

1)Dick is an unmarried man. True/False

2) Why did he have to go to New York?

3) He went to New York at the beginning of January. True/False

4)Did he go by ship or by plane?

5)Why did his wife want a telegram from him?

6)In New York Dick stayed at his friend's home. True/False

7)First of all, he sent a telegram to his wife. True/False

8)Did he remember to send his wife a telegram?

9)Did he have to work that evening?

10)Where does Dick come out from?

11)Where did he want to go at nine o'clock?

12)He walked to his hotel. True/False

13)What did the driver of the taxi want to know?

14)Did Dick tell him?

15)Who sent him the address of his hotel?

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    1. Grazie mille per la segnalazione! Provvediamo subito a sistemare l'articolo! :-)


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