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Un esercizio di lettura e comprensione in inglese. Prova a rispondere alle domande che ti vengono proposte e clicca sul pulsante showhide per vedere la soluzione.

Christmas traditions

Christmas season is the most festive time of the year in Britain and in the United States. Students at schools and colleges usually have a 2 week vacation, beginning before Christmas and ending soon after the New Year. There are a lot of parties to celebrate the birth of Christ and the arrival of the New Year.
Although no one knows exactly when Jesus was born. Christians everywhere in the world celebrate his birthday on December 25th . This day was a festival long before Christianity because ancient people believed this was time when the son god started his journey back to the earth and it was a custom to give presents to each other.

Now children are told that Santa Claus or Father Christmas in a red suit, red hat and with a long white beard puts presents for them into their stockings by the fireplace.
The winter tradition of decorating homes with evergreens began in ancient times too.
Branches of fir were thought to bring good luck and guarantee the return of spring. The Germans were the first to use the Christmas tree in their celebrations.
In the 19th century the decorated fir tree became popular in Europe and in the USA. Carol singers began to go from house to house in groups singing traditional Christmas songs asking for charity.
The greeting cards are sent on Christmas too. The most popular wishes on these holiday cards are: “Merry Christmas”, “Peace on Earth”.


1) Find true and false statements.

a. Christmas is the most widely celebrated festival in Great Britain.

b. The 25th of December was celebrated after Christmas.

c. Students have a month winter vacations.

d. Ancient people gave each other presents at this time.

e. Father Christmas puts children’s presents into stockings by the fireplace.

F. It is a modern tradition to decorate the house with a fir tree.

1) How many days of vacation have the students got at schools and colleges?

a) a week vacation
b) a 10 days vacation
c) a 2 weeks vacation
d) 3 months vacation

2) When do people usually celebrate the birth of Christ? 

 a) on the 25th of December
 b) on the 20th of December
 c) after the New Year
 d) long before the New Year

3) What did the ancient people believe in? 
 a) they believed in god
 b) that was the time the sun god started his journey back to the earth
 c) that the ancient people were very kind
 d) they believed in their happy future

4) What are the children told? 

 a) they are told that everything will be all right
 b) the Santa Claus dressed in a red suit puts presents for them in their stockings
 c) the Father Christmas will sing them songs
 d) they will celebrate the New Year around the fire tree

5) When did the tradition of decorating homes begin?

a) many centuries ago
b) two weeks ago
c) at present days
d) in ancient times

6) What did ancient people think of the branches of fir? 

a)they would bring them good luck and return of spring
b)they would bring them good mood
c)they would bring them much bread and butter
d)they would bring them happiness

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