lunedì 2 luglio 2018


Esercizi sul past simple e il present perfect.

Rispondi alle domande e clicca sul pulsante per le soluzioni.

1) Scegli la frase corretta

a. Have you ever been to the theatre?
b. Did you ever been to the theatre?

2) Scegli la frase corretta

a. Yesterday we have watched a film on TV
b. Yesterday we watched a film on TV

3) Scegli la frase corretta

a. I met John in 2009
b. I've met John in 2009

4) Scegli la frase corretta

a. My teacher already arrived
b. My teacher has already arrived

5) Abbina le domande 1-5 con le risposte a-e

1. Have you caught cold?
2. Did you act in the last play?
3. Did you finish your homework?
4. Have you put your jacket on?
5. Have you ever been to the theatre?

a. Yes, I did. I love watching plays.
b. Yes, I have. I feel ill.
c. Yes, I did. I was a nurse!
d. No, I didn't. I hate studying!
e. Yes, I have. I felt cold.

6) Scegli l'alternativa corretta

1. Has Michael ever played volleyball? Yes, he did/ Yes, he has

2. I went /'ve been to Rome twice in my  life

3. Have you met/did you meet the new English teacher?

4. When he was / he's been six, he went / he's been to school in London

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