martedì 1 aprile 2014


Read the text and try to answer the questions

Seumas McSporran is a very busy man. He is 60 years old and he has thirteen jobs. He is a postman, a policeman, a fireman, a taxi driver, a school-bus driver, a boatman, an ambulance man, an accountant, a barman, and an undertaker. Also he and his wife, Margaret, have a shop and a small hotel.
Seumas lives and works on the island of Gigha in the west of Scotland. Only 120 people live on Gigha but in Summer 150 tourists come by boat every day.
Every weekday Seumas gets up at 6.00 and makes breakfast for the hotel guests. At 8.00 he drives the island´s children to school. At 9.00 he collects the post from the boat and delivers it to all the houses on the island. He also delivers the beer to the island´s only pub. Then he helps Margaret in the shop.
He says: “Margaret likes being busy, too. We never have holidays and we don´t like watching television. In the evenings Margaret makes supper and I do the accounts. At 10.00 we have a glass of wine and then we go to bed. Perhaps our life isn´t very exciting, but we like it.”

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