venerdì 31 ottobre 2014


Esercitati nel reported speech provando a trasformare queste frasi da discorso diretto a indiretto.
Per la soluzione passa con il mouse sulla striscia colorata.

1)"Stop chatting girls!" said the teacher
The teacher told the girls to stop chatting

2)"Don't touch it!" she said to us
She told us not to touch it

3)Jane asked "Do I have to do it?"
Jane asked if she had to do it

4)Bob said"Evrything is so dirty where I live"
Bob said that everything was so dirty where he lived

5)"What's the time?" he asked
He asked what the time was

6)Mary said "John, tell me your story"
Mary told John to tell her his story

7)"When will we meet again?" she asked
She asked me when we would meet again

8)The little boy said"I want a dog that will live forever"
The little boy said (that) he wanted a dog that would live forever

9)"Be patient" she said to him
She told him to be patient

10)"Mark, I can't dance" said Laura
Laura told Mark that she couldn't dance

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