mercoledì 16 dicembre 2015


Riempi gli spazi con gli articoli A - AN - THE o la parola "NA" (no article) quando l'articolo non è necessario
young man from rich family was about to graduate from Harvard University.
young man's father was very proud of him and decided to give him car for his graduation.
young man, Ethan, and his father looked at cars for months. Fiinally, at beginning of June, Ehtan and his father found beautiful car. Ethan was sure beautiful car would be his on graduation night.
On 15th of June, Ethan graduated from college. In evening after his graduation, Ethan's father handed him gift. gift was book. At first, Ethan was very disappointed. Then he became so angry that he threw book down and ran out of house. He never saw his father again.
When his father died, Ethan went home. As he was sitting in his father's living room, he saw book that his father had given him for his graduation. He opened it and found check dated June 15th.
check was for the exact amount of car he and his father had chosen.

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