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Esercizio facile di comprensione in inglese. 
Leggi il brano e prova a rispondere alle domande.
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Sea turtles are reptiles that live in the ocean.
All sea turtles need to breathe air. They cannot breathe air under water, so they swim to the surface often to reach the air.
Sea turtles are like land turtles and freshwater turtles, except most sea turtles are much bigger and they have flippers instead of legs.
Some sea turtles are over 4 feet long and weigh over 600 pounds!
Sea turtles have been on Earth for over 100 million years. They swam the oceans when dinosaurs walked on land!
Most sea turtles spend their whole lives in the ocean. They only leave the water to lay their eggs on warm beaches. They can live to be over 50 years old.
There are 7 different types of sea turtles around the world.
Different types of sea turtles eat different food.
Favorite foods for sea turtles are sea grass, crabs, shrimp, and jellyfish. Sea turtles all swim long distances in the ocean.
Some of the turtles have a type of GPS on their top shell so humans can learn where the turtles swim in the ocean. Scientists use GPS to follow the turtles because humans cannot swim hundreds of miles like the turtles!

1. Can sea turtles breathe under water?

2. Sea turtles live also in rivers and lakes. True/False

3. List 2 ways that sea turtles are different than land or freshwater turtles:

 4. Sea turtles appeared recently on Earth. True/False

 5. How many types of sea turtles are there?

6. What are some foods sea turtles eat?

7. Who puts GPS on the shell of some sea turtles?

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