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Uncle George and the rat-trap

Joseph is ten years old.
Last week his uncle George visited him and his parents.
He arrived at eleven and at half past twelve they had their lunch.
They had meat, potatoes, oranges and apples.
Then Joseph's mother said to uncle George:" I know you like cheese very much, but the box is empty, I'm sorry".
Then she took the dirty plates in the kitchen.
Joseph went out the dining-room quietly and came back after a minute with a piece of cheese.
He gave it to uncle George and he was happy.
He put the cheese in his mouth and then said "You're really a good boy, Joseph! Where did you find this nice cheese?"
The boy answered "In the rat-trap, uncle George!"


1)Did Joseph's uncle visit him and his parents last month?

2)Uncle George arrived at half past twelve. True or false?

3)Did they all have lunch together?

4)They had meat and beans for lunch. True or false?

5)What does uncle George like very much?

6)Who took the plates in the kitchen?

7)Joseph went out from the sitting-room. True or false?

8)What did he bring his uncle then?

9)Where did he find the cheese for uncle George?

2 commenti:

  1. Questi esercizi non sono adatti ad un ragazzo di terza media.

    1. Troppo facili?
      Troppo difficili?
      Troppo? :-)


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