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Shopping in Hong Kong

Ultra-modern, bustling Hong Kong is one of the world’s best shopping cities, an essential visit for all shopaholics searching for a bargain.
There are several areas to choose from. The urban district of Kowloon, meaning ‘Nine Dragons’, attracts thousands of tourists every year.
A popular first stop here is the modern shopping district, Tsim Tsa Tsui. However, if you prefer to absorb the atmosphere of more traditional markets then the Yau Ma
Tei and Mong Kok districts are probably more your style.
A great place to explore at night is Nathan Road and the surrounding streets, which are filled with flashing neon signs. You can buy almost anything here. Look out for
bargains on electrical goods and jewellery.
It’s possible to buy traditional items in Hong Kong. You can find wedding clothes on Shanghai Street and shops on Ning Po Street sell the coloured paper models of houses, cars, and bank notes that are burnt at funerals so that they’re wealthy in the after-life. Further along Shanghai Street is the popular night market. It’s full of brightly coloured lights and wonderful cooking smells. Watch the fortune-tellers whose trained birds choose pieces of paper to predict a person’s future, and eat delicious noodles, seafood, and other late-night snacks at the inexpensive stalls.
Mong Kok is the place where the famous criminals ‘triad gangs’ are based.
As a result most tourists avoid this area, so it remains mainly Chinese. There are many traditional shops, food stalls and markets. This is an excellent place to try local foods, which have not been changed to suit tourists’ tastes as they often have in more popular tourist areas. It’s unlikely to be dangerous for foreigners, so if you’d like to see some of the more unspoilt areas of Hong Kong, Mong Kok is definitely worth exploring.
One thing is certain about a shopping trip to Hong Kong – you’ll leave with a lot less money than you arrived with, and a much heavier suitcase!

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