venerdì 12 agosto 2016


In questo esercizio indica l'alternativa corretta scegliendo fra i vari quantifiers (some, any, much, many, few, a few, little, a little)

Per la soluzione clicca sul pulsante show/hide

 1)How much/many bread is on the table?

2)There are a little/a few books in the shelf

3)Would you like to see any/some movies with me?

4)I've got few/little money with me

5)There isn't any/some milk in the fridge

6)Paul ate a few/a little rice. She wasn't very hungry

7)I don't have plenty of/many money with me

8)I have a few/ a little time for me

9)Could I have some/a few water, please?

10)We don't have any/some furniture in our bedroom

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