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Completa le frasi nel modo che ritieni corretto. Per la soluzione clicca sul pulsante

 1)Jack is________ architect

a. a
b. an

2) Last night Jane________ to a party

a. has gone
b. have gone
c. went
d. did go

3)Our teacher always _________ us homeworks on Fridays

a. gives
b. give
c. has given
d. gave

4) Paul ________ play football very well

a. cans
b. has can
c. can to
d. can

5)Hurry up! The train ________!

a. leaves
b. has leaving
c. is leaving
d. has left

6)Is there _______ butter in the fridge?

a. some
b. any

7)It's hot here! I _______ take off my jacket!

a. will
b. am going to

8)Mary has five _______

a. childs
b. child
c. children


Carmen drives home at eight o’ clock. At home, she does not see her cat Felix. “Felix!” she calls out. There is no one home. Her children are at school and her husband is at work. Then, she sees that the kitchen window is open. She runs outside. Felix is sitting in a tree and he looks scared.
Carmen calls her friend Angela. “My cat is on a tree and he won’t come down!” she says.
Fifteen minutes later, Angela comes to the house with a very big ladder. She goes to the tree, climbs up on the ladder, and picks up the cat. She gives the cat to Carmen. “Thank you so much. You saved his life,” says Carmen.

9) What time does Carmen drive home?

10)What does she not see at home?

11)Is there anybody else in the house? Yes/No

12)Where are her husband and her children?

13)Where does che find the cat?

14)Who does Carmen call?

15)What does Angela come with?

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