martedì 25 ottobre 2016


Completa con il verbo adatto le seguenti frasi.
Scegli tra present simple (timetabled events), will, going to, present continuous

1The English lesson __________ (to start) at 8:45. 

2.  I don’t think you __________ (to have) any problems when you land in Boston.

3.  Look at those clouds! It __________ (to rain) in a few minutes

4.  Scientists say that in the future there _____________ (not/be) enough clear water on Earth

5.  I _____________ (to meet) Jane downtown at 7:00 

6.  If you don't stop cheating, I ____________ (to tell) the teacher

7.  Oh, you left the door open! I __________ (to close) it! 

8.  My plane ___________ (to leave) at 4 o'clock 

9.  I __________ (to visit) Italy nex summer

9.  Oh look! The boy __________ (to fall) off the horse

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