martedì 2 febbraio 2016


A spoilt little girl

Mary Lennox was spoilt, rude and had a bad temper. Because she was often ill she was thin and had a sad face. She complained a lot. No one liked her at all.
This was not really Mary's fault. She lived in India with her mother and father, but she did not see her parents very often. Mary's father was busy with his work and his mother was a very beautiful woman who loved parties and was not interested in her small daughter. She left Mary in the care of an Indian nanny, called an ayah. Her ayah allowed Mary to do anything she wanted because she didn't want Mary to cry and make her mother angry. So Mary became a spoilt and unpleasant young girl. When Mary was nine years old she woke up one hot morning and felt there was something wrong. She heard strange cries and shouts and the sound of feet outside her door, but no one came to see her. She went back to sleep.
Later, when Mary woke up again, the house was silent. She heard nothing. Mary was angry because no one came to bring her food or dress her. Suddenly her door opened and two Englishmen came in. Mary looked at them angrily. “Why everyone has forgotten me?” she asked. “Where's my ayah? Where is everyone?”.
“Poor little girl”, said one of the men. “There's nobody here”.
That is how Mary discovered that her mother and father were dead and that the servants were dead, too, because of a terrible disease.


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