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Esempio di verifica sul past simple.
Prova a rispondere alle domande e clicca sul pulsante per vedere la soluzione

1)Completa con il past simple del verbo to be e trasforma poi le frasi in negative e interrogative

a.Mark _____________ at school yesterday
b.We ____________in London two days ago
d.You ___________in the park with Tom last week
d.The bus_________ late yesterday
e.They _____________ ill several days ago

2)Scrivi le risposte brevi come nell'esempio: Was he nice? (No/horrible)-->No, he wasn't. He was horrible.

a.Was Fred english? (No/spanish)
b.Were they winners? (No/losers)
d.Was she fat? (No/slim)
d.Was the film boring? (No/interesting)
e.Were your father and you in the garden? (No/in the kitchen)

3)Completa le frasi con il past simple

a.They ______________ (to sit) in that pub all day
b.We_______________ (to take) a long vacation last summer
d.He ______________ (to play) guitar yesterday afternoon
d.Mark ______________ (to carry) three watermelons at home
e.The bus ______________ (to stop) at the corner

4)Sostituisci ai verbi tra parentesi la forma corretta del past simple e poi volgi le frasi alla forma negativa e interrogativa

a.Mary ______________ (study) Spanish last summer
b.My brother __________ (go) to Rome in April
c.We ____________ (listen) to a new CD a couple of hours ago
d.I ______________ (see) an UFO last night
e.You _____________ (sleep) all the night

5)Metti WAS o WERE al posto giusto

a.It __________ the right thing to do
b.They _________at the party last night
c.The students ____________ in Paris two weeks ago
d.I ______________ sad a couple of hours ago
e.You _____________ late for school yesterday

6)Completa i seguenti mini dialoghi con i verbi al past simple

a."Did you visit the National Gallery in London?"
"No, but I ______________ the British Museum"

b."Where did you see Paul?"
"I ___________ him at the party"

c."Who did you meet yesterday?"
"I ________________ John and Laura"

d."Did they go to the restaurant last week?"
"No, they ____________ to the disco"

e. "Did Jane win the match last saturday?"
"No, she _____________ last sunday"

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