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Articoli e aggettivi possessivi

Articoli e aggettivi possessivi

Inserisci a, an, my, his, her, our, your, their

   ---      ----      a      an      her      his      my      our      the      their      your   
1) He took off coat and set to work
2)Why are you standing there with hands in pockets?
3)At most meetings people vote by raising hands
4)The bullet struck him in foot
5)They tied hands behind back and locked him in a cellar
6)Someone threw egg which struck the speaker on shoulder
7)I have headache
8)I have pain in shoulder
9)He was very tall man with dark hair and small beard, but I couldn't see eyes because he was wearing dark glasses.
10)'Hands up!' said masked man, and we all put hands up
11)Ask woman in front of you to take off hat
12)Leave coats in cloakroom; don't bring them into theatre
13)He has horrible job; I wouldn't like to be in shoes

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